Volvo Lease Pull Ahead Program

Qualified guests may receive up to 6 Payments forgiveness

Expires 03/31/2021

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This unique program invites lease guests who may have 6 monthly payments remaining, or less, remaining on their current Volvo lease to return their current Volvo prior to the maturity date. 
5 great reasons you will want to take advantage of the program:

  • It's been a crazy year. You deserve to treat yourself to something nice. 
  • You want to take advantage of Volvo all New Recharge Plug in Electric lineup of cars.
  • You want to take advantage of tax incentives for owning a PHEV before they are gone.
  • You are close to exceeding your mileage limit.
  • You're interested in driving a different model in the Volvo line-up

Questions & Answers... We're here to help :) 

  1.       How will my payments be waived from my VCFS account?

    After completion of your current Volvo lease turn-in, Volvo Cars Financial Services will close the customer's account using the special Lease Pull Ahead Program. Both the remaining lease payments as well as the turn-in fee may be removed from the customer's account prior to VCFS mailing the End of Lease invoice to you. If you have questions or concerns, we are here to help you through the process.

  3.      Am I going to receive any End of Lease charges from VCFS after the Volvo completed the VCFS Pull Ahead Program lease turn-in?

    Possibly. Guests are still responsible for excess mileage, excess wear and use (EWU), as well as any remaining California taxes, Each situation is unique so it's best we sit down together and go over your unique situation together

  5.       I have more than 6 months left to my current Volvo Lease. Can the we use VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Program to take me out of my lease early?

    Unfortunately, No. This special program is exclusive for customers with 6 or less remaining payments. A customer with 7 or more remaining payments on their current Volvo Lease would appear as a "No" in the Volvo Payoff system and thus, would be ineligible for the VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Program. We have other options that maybe available to help as well. Call us up and we can go over all your options with you

  7.      Do I have to lease a new Volvo before I turn-in my current lease?

    Yes. In order to be eligible for the VCFS Pull Ahead Program, Bob Smith Volvo is required to enter your current Volvo Car VIN of the new vehicle (replacement  vehicle VIN) leased through VCFS system. The new (replacement) VIN will need to be validated and must be an active VCFS account prior to waiving the remaining payments on the returned vehicle. It is critical that the we at Bob Smith Volvo Cars enters the new (replacement) VIN accurately to avoid a delay in the closing of the your prior lease account.

  9.       I have Lease from another manufacturer. Can I take advantage of the VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Program to get into a new Volvo?

    That's a great question. The VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Program is for guests who have a Volvo Lease now and want to get out of their lease a little early and get into a new Volvo. With that said, VCFS has other programs called "conquest" programs that we can use to get you out of your non-Volvo lease. Also, our Sales Manager Frank is always looking for great used vehicles for the lot. He would love to look at your current car and provide you with an offer to trade it in .

  11.       My next car is not going to be a Volvo. Can I use the VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Program to get out of my current Volvo early and have the rest of my payments waived?

    Wow, we are sorry to see you go :(    The Volvo Lease Pull Ahead Program is designed to move a customer from one Volvo Lease to another Volvo Lease. If you are not leasing a new Volvo at the same time as you disposition your current Volvo VCFS will not waive any payments nor will they be able to waive the $350 disposition fee and taxes. We'd really want to hear from you so we can know why your leaving. Give us a call and let us see what we can do to help.