Volvo Lease Pull Ahead Program

Qualified guests may receive up to 6 Payments forgiveness

Volvo Lease Pull Ahead     

We're excited to announce Volvo Car Financial Services, or VCFS, is continuing its Lease Pull Ahead Program. While many auto brands have expired their pull ahead programs Volvo invites select lease customers, who have 6 monthly payments or less remaining on their lease, to return their current Volvo vehicle lease and lease a New Volvo through VCFS. Eligible customers qualify to receive a waiver of up to 6 monthly lease payments on the existing lease as well as a waiver on the lease disposition fee.

Watch our lease-end video to learn more about what to expect from the lease end process.

Volvo Cars Financial Services offers many exciting reasons to take advantage of this program.              

Bob Smith Volvo Cars Calabasas has partnered with Volvo Cars Financial Services to offer select customers the opportunity to return their current VCFS Leased Volvo Vehicle prior to their scheduled maturity date when they simultaneously lease a new Volvo Car, Volvo Wagon, or Volvo SUV from VCFS. Volvo Cars Financial Services may waive up to six-month lease payment on their current VCFS account and may waive the customer's lease disposition fee on their current vehicle. 

To see if you qualify please contact us here at Bob Smith Volvo Cars. We can look up your eligibility for the Volvo Lease Pull Ahead Program if you leased your current car here in Los Angels, or anywhere in the state of California.      

We need the following in order to get started              

  • Your current VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Your Current Vehicles Miles 
  • Your Current Vehicles Account Number with VCFS


Volvo Cars Financial Services inspection process.       

Volvo Cars Financial Services will conduct the final inspection. Bob Smith Volvo Cars Calabasas, nor any Volvo Cars retail center, is authorized to conduct lease-end inspections onsite. Bob Smith Volvo Cars Calabasas will schedule a lease-end appointment with you where you will be invited to our location to start the lease-end process. 

Our team will complete some DMV paperwork with you during your lease-end appointment. We will take all keys, accessories, owners manuals, floormats, Charging Cables (for PHEV or BEV models only), as walk your current Volvo lease-end vehicle to point out any obvious issues. Once we are done with your lease-end inspection Bob Smith Volvo Cars will send an electronic message to VCFS to advise them your current lease-end is ready for collection. 


Once Volvo Cars Financial Services has been electronically alerted your lease-end vehicle is ready VCFS will do one of the following.

  1. VCFS may send a third party inspector to Bob Smith Volvo Cars Calabasas and complete the lease-end inspection electronically through their system
  2. VCFS may send a vehicle to collect your current Volvo lease-end vehicle and complete the lease-end inspection electronically through their system at another location to be determined by VCFS.  


Once VCFS has completed their lease-end final inspection Volvo Cars Financial Service will send you an invoice for any charges that may have been assessed due to the lease disposition. These charges may include, but are not limited to, lease disposition fee, over miles charges, damages in excess to the terms and condition of your lease agreement with VCFS, missing or damages accessories, missing or damaged keys, charges associated with non-approved alterations to the vehicle, or alterations to the vehicles factory installed odometer. 

We know the lease-end process can seem complicated. We will do our best to answer your questions. If we don't have the answers you need our partners at Volvo Cars Financial Services will. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


After completion of your current Volvo lease turn-in, Volvo Cars Financial Services will close the customer's account using the special Lease Pull Ahead Program. Both the remaining lease payments as well as the turn-in fee may be removed from the customer's account before VCFS mailing the End of Lease invoice to you. If you have questions or concerns, we are here to help you through the process.


Possibly. Guests are still responsible for excess mileage, excess wear and use (EWU), as well as any remaining California taxes, Each situation is unique so we should sit down together and go over your unique situation together.


Unfortunately, No. This special program is exclusive for customers with 6 or fewer remaining payments. A customer with 7 or more remaining payments on their current Volvo Lease would appear as a "No" in the Volvo Payoff system and would be ineligible for the VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Program. We have other options that may be available to help as well. Call us up and we can go over all your options with you.


Yes, to be eligible for the VCFS Pull Ahead Program, Bob Smith Volvo is required to enter your current Volvo Car VIN of the new vehicle (replacement vehicle VIN) leased through the VCFS system. The new (replacement) VIN will need to be validated and must be an active VCFS account before waiving the remaining payments on the returned vehicle. At Bob Smith Volvo Cars must enter the new (replacement) VIN accurately to avoid a delay in the closing of your prior lease account.


That's a great question. The VCFS Lease Pull Ahead Program is for guests who have a Volvo Lease now and want to get out of their lease a little early and get into a new Volvo. With that said, VCFS has other programs called "conquest" programs that we can use to get you out of your non-Volvo lease. Also, our Sales Manager Frank is always looking for great used vehicles for the lot. He would love to look at your current car and provide you with an offer to trade it in.



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